Accounts Payable

Emailing Invoices 

Indiana University has partnered with Digital Mail Room (DMR), a third-party supplier, which receives invoices and credits. DMR requires PDF or Word file invoices via email attachment, but also accepts paper invoices delivered to the mailing address listed below. Excel attachments or similar electronic documents are not accepted.

Invoices (for all campuses) should be sent to DMR by emailing : Your Purchase Order number must be on the face of the invoice.


Mailing Address for Invoices

Invoices may be mailed via USPS to Digital Mail Room’s lockbox address:

Indiana University
IU AP Billing
PO Box 4527
Scranton, PA

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An “ideal” Invoice

To ensure prompt and accurate payment, ensure your invoice meets the following criteria:

  • Supplier name in header of invoice (a match for the PO name).
  • Supplier remit to address.
  • PO#, Supplier invoice# and invoice date
  • Payment terms matching the PO payment terms
  • Sufficient itemization stating what goods / services were provided
  • Billing name: Indiana University, name of Campus e.g. Indiana University Kokomo
  • Billing amount
  • The initiator of the order
  • The department name and ship to address
  • Document size should be less than 10MB/10,000KB


Invoice Status

If you are checking payment status on bills dated prior to July 1, 2019, check the status of your invoice via this inquiry link FIRST:

Invoice and payment information is reported for 12 months.
If your bill is dated AFTER July 1, 2019, please check back for instructions on checking payment status.


IU Accounts Payable Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Phone: 812-855-4004
  • Toll free phone: 877-481-0007
  • IU AP Fax: 812-856-4452
  • Always include a PO number on your invoices and faxed communication

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