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Purchasing Help Desk

Have a question about BUY.IU or Purchasing? Email Us:

Supplier Workgroup

For inquiries on PO supplier entries and modifications, please contact

Supplier Work Group Specialists

Lisa Burchenson


Terri Loyal


Our fax number for all purchase order supplier entries is 812.855.7839img3

All Commodity Contacts - Who Buys What?

Phone Numbers & News Listservs

*Note: Subscription email message body should be blank.

 Campus  Phone/Email  Listserv Subscriptions
Bloomington Subscribe Unsubscribe
Indianapolis Subscribe Unsubscribe
East (765) 973-8233img6 Subscribe Unsubscribe
Kokomo (765) 455-9540img7 Subscribe Unsubscribe
Northwest Subscribe Unsubscribe
South Bend (574) 520-4399img9 Subscribe Unsubscribe
Southeast Subscribe Unsubscribe

News Listservs are restricted to IU staff and students.

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Redistribution Listserv

Post items for Redistribution...

The Redistribution Listservs is restricted to IU staff and students.

Subscribe to the Redistribution List

Unsubscribe from the Redistribution List

The Resource Redistribution Mail List sanctions and encourages the circulation of information related to available resource items within the University. It also allows a department to reach others by posting their needs for equipment and materials. Any University employee may subscribe to this list, and you must be a member of this list before a message can be posted.

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Procurement Systems Staff

Bodle, Dawn Procurement Systems Specialist
Burchenson, Lisa M Vendor Workgroup Specialist
Jordan, Elliot

Web Master & Graphics

Loyal, Terri

Vendor Workgroup Specialist

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