Diverse Supplier SearchUpdated 6/13/2024

Whenever possible, use a catalog supplier in BUY.IU. BUY.IU offers a variety of diverse catalog suppliers. If you cannot find a catalog supplier (diverse or otherwise) that offers the goods or services you need, use the Diverse Supplier Search tool to locate Indiana state-certified diverse businesses to use in a non-catalog order.

Click here to learn how to use the tool

  1. Enter a keyword that describes the goods or services you need in the search field. The tool filters results as you type.
  2. Select as many categories from the list as you’d like and click the Load Results button.
  3. The tool populates results in the right-hand pane. Each category you selected is displayed as a tab across the top. Select a tab, then select a supplier name to view the supplier’s information.
  4. Contact the supplier and learn more about what they have to offer! If you decide to work with them, search for them in BUY.IU. If they're already an active supplier, initiate a non-catalog item order using them. If you do not find them, submit a Non-Catalog Order (Purchase Order) supplier request form. Purchasing will review your request and invite them to register.

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